Ashley murry dating

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Her winnings included 0,000 and a one-year contract with WWE.Since then she was into her professional wrestling career.She is stuck up and thinks she is better than everyone else and says she wouldn’t be caught dead talking to low class people.If you don’t have at least a home worth 150 she won’t mess with you. THE DIRTY ARMY: It looks like Chewy found the man that can finally fund her while she is still serving her large clientele in Vegas and New York when he’s not around. Lately she’s been flaunting the centurion card and showing off her sugar daddy Pascal Mouawad house on the gram.He even hosted her 30th birthday party with her other floozy friends Kate Compton and Mabelynn Capeluj in attendance.Not sure why someone from a good family and business reputation around the world will be dating a trashy, low-class and average looking floozy.She sells drugs out of her family home and used to her pepsi off the toilets at 9one9, bragging about it to anyone who will listen.

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Please the victim role clams she has heart problems.

So people if you’re sorry for her but what she doesn’t understand is if she has such big heart problems how come she smokes so much crack b1tch you need a reality check into grow the fuk up THE DIRTY ARMY: Stephanie wright can’t keep a man because she is such a sloot.

On the August 29 episode of Raw, Massaro made her in-ring debut in losing effort against Victoria.

On 2 June 2016, she appeared on television, now on Smack Down!

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