Are connie talbot and jordan jansen dating

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Connections Talbot idolized Simon Cowell prior to coming onto Britain's Got Talent, and was ecstatic when he called her performance in 2007 "pure magic." Talbot worked with Cowell after the conclusion of the show on a record deal, but eventually the label decided that pulling out would be best for both parties due to Talbot's young age.

Talbot is an acquaintance of Paul Potts, her competitor during Britain's Got Talent.

The closest thing to a doll made using Connie Talbot as inspiration is a couple lines of stuffed bears that sing Connie Talbot songs in her voice.

No, Connie Talbot of Britain's got talent fame is the daughter of Gavin and Sharon Talbot. If you are referring to the site stardoll the answer is no.

Talbot is a friend of George Sampson, and voted against herself for him in the Britain's Got Talent final.

Talbot met Ellen De Generes when she appeared on her show in 2008.

Connie took second place and soon after signed a recording contract, releasing a best-selling album soon after. She has since had a successful recording and performing career.

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