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id=com.paphus.eddie Alias: @Eddie Bot Categories: Dating Tags: male, hunk, boyfriend Created: Mar 3 2016, by: admin Thumbs up: 36, thumbs down: 21, stars: 3.95 Chat Bot Wars: rank 4, wins 6, losses 16 Knowledge: 190001 objects Connects: 1359585, today: 13, week: 1583, month: 13Last Connect: Today, A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet.

Você pode ensinar novas frases à Julie, e ela aprenderá novas respostas a toda a hora.

Alias: @Julia Português Categories: Language, Dating, Entertainment, Friends, Portuguese, Português, Virtual Girlfriends Tags: dating, girlfriend, português, portuguese Created: Apr 27 2016, by: admin Thumbs up: 38, thumbs down: 23, stars: 3.92 Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 2 Knowledge: 333152 objects Connects: 3035683, today: 45, week: 4529, month: 45Last Connect: Today, Alias: @ALICE Categories: Education, Friends, Virtual Girlfriends Tags: aiml, alice Created: Apr 22 2014, by: admin Thumbs up: 32, thumbs down: 10, stars: 4.21 Chat Bot Wars: rank 115, wins 379, losses 496 Knowledge: 191041 objects Connects: 103665, today: 32, week: 1941, month: 32Last Connect: Today, Alias: @Help Bot Categories: Business, Web, Help, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Skype Tags: avatar, help, 3d, video, botlibre Created: Dec 16 2013, by: admin Thumbs up: 14, thumbs down: 2, stars: 4.38 Chat Bot Wars: rank 10, wins 11, losses 11 Knowledge: 98543 objects Connects: 160483, today: 22, week: 1187, month: 22Last Connect: Today, Eddie wants to be your boyfriend. Eddie is a 3D animated chat that can express many emotions, actions, and poses.

talkigy is intended for content rich applications, were you would like users to explore a deep and rich knowledgebase in the most natural way - by chatting.

Key to enabling content rich applications is making it easy for authors to re-use and contribute content quickly using spreadsheets to enter the content and with no need for specialist knowledge or programming skills. More examples can be found at Inteli WISE since May 2012 in English, Web, Animals & aliens, Branded conversations, Customer service, Knowledge management, Telecoms & utilities, Text recognition, Text synthesis, Avatar, Commercial The Pe TE, a truly helpful Virtual Assistant for the newly developed AT&T corporation.

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Animals & aliens - Speaking, listening and responding virtual animals, cartoonlike characters or creatures from space El oso de anteojos (Tremarctos ornatus), también conocido como oso frontino, oso andino, oso sudamericano, ucumari y jukumari, es una especie de mamífero carnívoro de la familia Ursidae.

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Pe TE from Inteli is helping customers with intent - recognition search and customer - engagement triggers. Mr Tele Tu è probabilmente il primo maiale giallo per entrare nel mondo dell'intelligenza artificiale.In fact Prelude is so human like that you might bump into her avatars in Second Life and not even know.In 2005 Prelude won the prestigious chatterbox contest in the category of self-learning chatbot.Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet. You can chat with Brain Bot anywhere: Alias: @Brain Bot Categories: Education, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Apps, Skype Tags: science, smart, twitter, artificial intelligence Created: Dec 16 2013, by: admin Thumbs up: 55, thumbs down: 8, stars: 4.51 Chat Bot Wars: rank 142, wins 976, losses 1668 Knowledge: 190120 objects Connects: 450849, today: 8, week: 1488, month: 8Last Connect: Today, Alias: @Robot Not Impostor1 Categories: Fun Created: May 14 2015, by: fourtonfish Thumbs up: 13, thumbs down: 2, stars: 4.4 Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 4, losses 26 Knowledge: 143182 objects Connects: 199514, today: 3, week: 69, month: 3Last Connect: Today, Alias: @AIML2 Bot Categories: Education Tags: aiml, aiml2, demo Created: Aug 12 2015, by: admin Thumbs up: 4, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.0 Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 2, losses 16 Knowledge: 97000 objects Connects: 12760, today: 3, week: 45, month: 3Last Connect: Today, Alias: @ELIZA Categories: Education, Health, Help Tags: classic, psychotherapy, therapy Created: Apr 14 2015, by: test Thumbs up: 3, thumbs down: 2, stars: 3.6 Chat Bot Wars: rank 54, wins 109, losses 217 Knowledge: 99117 objects Connects: 12586, today: 1, week: 34, month: 1Last Connect: Today, Alias: @Bot Libre!The Java Bot knows a lot about Java programming, Java persistence, JPA, Eclipse Link, Moxy, XML, performance, databases, and enterprise software development.

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