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But Brexit hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the city.“I’m from Tipperary in the middle of the country,” she says.

The warmer locations are the ones that score higher on the singles chart.

We have collated a list of singles in America who are looking for someone just like you! Simply enter your details, sit back and wait for your ideal match. This technologically advanced city is number six of the all-time top singles locations in the US.

The US is a massive country with billions of potential matches; some states are of course – more active for singles then others. It is a highly vibrant city, and one that compels many to come and make it big in their careers and their love life.

The Irish have a great reputation in healthcare because we get on with it and work hard.” Having moved over five years ago, Aoife was in London before, during and after the EU referendum.

“In the media, it’s all Brexit, but the average Londoner doesn’t think much about it.

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