Amanco engine dating

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So it may have been called a 'Jack Boy', ask David, i'm not sure if the name was continued with the Oversizes.I would say that it was built in late 1924/early 1925. He has a water cooled Hired Man that has the oval tag but not a Jack Boy tag.Not all engines called ‘Amanco’ came from it either.The name ‘Amanco’ was NOT used on engines sold in the USA.1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Paraffin Commercial and Agricultural Motors, Tractors, Ploughs, Sprayers, etc.see the 1917 Red Book 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Petrol Motor Commercial Vehicles see the 1917 Red Book Imported engines from the US from 1911 to 1928.We would be happy to help you date your own Bamford engine, and you can request this help by sending us an email using the link below.hi there, just picked up this assosiated manufactures engine rated a 2 1/2hp (checked twice). However there are quite a lot seen in Australia, nobody is quite sure if it's just co-incidence so many were converted or that Australian importers converted them and sold them like that originally.

This web publication contains 133,856 pages of information and 212,094 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

I am sure you know about and click on Associated serial numbers, they have the numbers and for the Iowa Oversize engines. Like Rich said so elegantly there is no mention anywhere of any original high tension Associated engines sold (negating pony/colt...).

can anyone tell any info on these engines and maybe a rough date. thanks nick mccue Across the pond and down under they must have retrofitted a high tension mag, of some sort, about the 3-4 th one with high tension and plug without the buzz coil that has been retrofitted ,dont see many spark plug versions over here, maybe Larrap or David Raines can help you, but I like that set up!! I was looking at my Iowa oversize book from 1938No140 from WHW Machine and Tool they have the 21/2 hp listed in it and in the parts section the serial no.s below158100 are rated 21/4 I guess this is when Iowa Oversize started and that is for the aircooled,s, no mention of any High tension mags or plugs in it though.

i would still like to purchase the right parts for it (maggy and ignitor) can anyone tell me exactly what i need maybe some pics of the trip as well. there is a thread hole next to where the ignitor would go, whats is for? thanks again nick On engineads once in a while a guy posts new igniters for associateds, you would have to get a trip to. the hole you are referring to would be for a post that the trip would ride on that trips the ignitier.

This book is about the Amanco Engines, but not all engines named ‘Associated’ were built by that firm.

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