Am i dating the right girl

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It will almost feel like the other person is baiting you to fight or egging you on.You need to commit to your gameplan and refuse to feed into the problem.You can dramatically improve your relationship by recognizing that part of love is respect. But for your own sake, you need to let go of your anger and give them permission to have their own thoughts and feelings.And part of respect is putting your emotional cravings on hold and giving that person the space to have their own opinion and thoughts. People have a funny habit of having showing love and respect for the people they are closest too.I try my best to be diplomatic, but he keeps pushing until I snap and the conversation turns ugly.We’re both very strong-minded people and when we disagree it becomes a massive argument and days of “silent treatment”. Many people have the thought that fighting keeps relationship alive.Again, you can only control yourself and not the other person.If you can demonstrate that you know longer feed into the problem, the other person will eventually cut the crap too.

When you think of it like that, it’s no wonder why this mindset leads to fighting and strained relationships. There is nothing more anger-provoking and fight-baiting than interrupting the other person or jumping down their throat the moment that they finish their sentence. Give them space to speak and make a point of giving 100% attention to them while they’re speaking.

Men and women can both become “addicted” to needing to win arguments and fights.

And, like an addiction, they become unconcious to the huge price they are paying and the destruction they are doing to themselves, their relationships and the people around them.

How to prepare for relationship change: a) Realize your half of the responsibility. Blaming is the delusional belief that you somehow can make the other person change by making them feel bad. b) Realize that you will need to keep your urges in check.

When you take the time to notice what you’re doing that is feeding into the fighting and arguments, it will shift your focus to self-improvement and off of blaming. When you commit to stop feeding into the fighting and arguments, there are going to be several times where you feel the urge to fight and argue.

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