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v=ZRv40-DEeh8 Now here’s a bonus clip of the Top 10 Idols rehearsing “Don’t Stop Believin'” for their Idol Tour: httpv://v=Gnbgukzb Fg4 I seriously liked their Top 8 rendition better.

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(With Barenaked Ladies, Ingrid Michaelson, and Joshua Radin) YUr B December 08/09 – KC 101.3 FM Lounge 101 Concert am SBC, Hamden, CT W5 Listen to win tickets or RT their tweet from @KC1013.

Danny (not sure if this is still being released) December 10/09 – WQMX PM – Listener Event/Free Concert Legend’s Sports Pub & Grille, Akron, OH – December 15/09 – Single “It’s Only” available on i Tunes (not sure if this is still being released) December 16/09 – WSOC Jingle Bell Ball, Coyote Joe’s, Charlotte, NC (with Phil Vassar, David Nail, Mallary Hope) F December 22/09 – Single “Best Days” available on i Tunes Scott December 18/09 – Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Show, Dodge Theatre, Phoenix AZ Matt January 29/10 – Forest Hills Fine Arts Center, Grand Rapids, MI tix: QNh WTH IS THIS?! I’m not exactly a fan of the video—Adam looks like his makeup totally caked on his face, the special effects looked so fake, Adam looked so lifeless and emotionless, and the video direction wasn’t that good. v=Jz Yj EVk KTBs *** I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Allison Iraheta’s album cover. Glad that it wasn’t self-titled (yes, I was disappointed that Kris Allen’s was self-titled).

I know it’s supposed to be like “Adam Lambert from the Planet Fierce,” but somehow, it’s screaming BLAKE LEWIS all over the place and doesn’t really show how fierce or awesome Adam is. I was disappointed with this output as his debut music video. Wasn’t really much of a fan of her debut single “Friday I’ll Be Over U” (although I have to admit it was rather catchy), but I hope the album doesn’t disappoint.

The following is the text version of Adam’s “coming out” interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where he discusses anything and everything about being Adam Lambert.

It must feel liberating Adam for him to do that interview, eh?

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