Aiden grimshaw dating cher Cam girl finder

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Treyc Cohen – firstly whats wrong with spelling it ‘tracy’ or ‘tracey’? And they are simons only act left in the compition too.

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It was a shame that cher had to go, but i thought she was so dignified when she was voted out and she could really use the programme to project her into a record deal.

however, i did think that she performed really well on her second song. ) one direction – i still really really really love them!

there first song was fantastic and their second gave me chills!

she isn’t my cup of tea but i can understand why so many people love her. he is only still in because of a massive facebook following.

i think its bad that telented acts are leaving the show and are in the bottom two and he is sailing through on the public vote! they are so cute, they can sing, i love their look their attitude, my favourites to win.

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