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But for others explicit sex doesn't have a place in some ageplay scenarios, and they don't miss it.

For still others, ageplay is not erotic at all; some roleplay as a child simply for emotional satisfaction.

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This is not to say that there can't be actual sexual activity in the scene; there certainly can and some players wouldn't scene without it.There are a few elements commonly seen in ageplay: clothes and costumes are one, from little frilly baby dresses, footed PJs and snap-crotch Oshkosh overalls to school uniforms and whatever wacky fashions are popular among those crazy kids today.Other "props" can play a part, from pacifiers, toys, crayons, fingerpaint and even elaborate baby furniture to sports equipment, skateboards, blow dryers and curling irons for those older kids.(Note that the schoolmaster/mistress role is probably a role in which the player plays a role that's older than their own age.) The "juvie hall warden and teen juvenile delinquent" scene is certainly heard of."Daddy/boy" and "Daddy/girl" relationships occur in the BDSM world (though of course "Mommy/boy" and "Mommy/girl" scenes can happen too, and the players of any role can be of either sex).

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