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To prepare analytical report on the basis of customers feedback Ensure Daily Work Processing Handling complaints Assist Inbound Team Regarding Loyalty Program Assist Members About Privileges of Loyalty Program Customer Service Representative Inbound/Outbound Dept.PIA Contact Center (Karachi) (Oct 20) Quality Assurance with Product Compliance, Expert Communication, Verbal Communication, Oral Communication, Team Management, Team Building, Product Analysis, Critical Analysis and Evaluation Providing Customer Services and Support to National and International Customers Providing information regarding PIA Fares and COB Policies, E-Ticketing and Web Ticketing Procedure PIA Loyalty Program (Award plus program), Special reservation and value added service. Director - ROSHNI TV (Aug 20) Writing all scripts for Talk Shows Research of program related data Assist to all program directors Wrote theme songs on Mothers Day, Eid and others Script writer / Research - Azaan Pvt.There must be a signature, the HAVA checkbox, an address in the county, a name and a date of birth. By law, the voter has until pm to correct the deficiency. - If the voter fails to complete any required item on the voter registration form but provides enough information on the form to enable the county board of elections to identify and contact the voter, the voter shall be notified of the omission and given the opportunity to complete the form at least by P. The State Board of Elections, in addition to the methods set forth in this section, may use other methods toward the ends set forth in subdivisions (1) and (2) of this subsection, including addressupdating services provided by the Postal Service.If one or more of these elements are missing, the application cannot be processed.21Voter scan - INCOMPLETE PROCESSSo how should counties handle these incomplete applications? Each county board of elections shall conduct systematic efforts to remove names from its list of registered voters in accordance with this section and with the program adopted by the State Board.It must be mailed nonforwardable, as long as it is not returned as undeliverable, then the persons registration is verified. But if they remain registered in INACTIVE status for at least 2 federal election cycles meaning approximately 3-4 years.If it is returned as undeliverable, then the voter will mailed a 2nd voter card or verification mailing. So if a voter goes inactive in 2013 and remains inactive throughout 2014 (1 federal election year) and also through 2016 (the 2nd federal election year), then in 2017, the voter would be REMOVED.20Incomplete process But lets back up again. If the voter corrects that omission within that time and is determined by the county board of elections to be eligible to vote, the board shall permit the voter to vote.

Today, Im going to talk to you about the fundamentals of voter registration. Youre registered.3qualifications Yes and quite simply. In order to register, a person must Be a US citizen Be at least 18 years of age by the date of the General Election Be a resident of the jurisdiction Cannot be currently serving a felony sentence4How to register? 14SEIMS IS OUR STATEWIDE VOTER REGISTRATION DATABASE SYSTEM15SEIMS = VOTER REGISTRATION DATABASEVOTERSCANIn the voter registration database, you will find registered voters AND voters who are no longer registered AND voters who didnt quite become registered.Discussing mail verification is boring, but its important.GS 163-82.7 (c) states that If the county board of elections tentatively determines that the applicant is qualified to vote at the address given, then the county board shall send a notice to the applicant, by nonforwardable mail, at the address the applicant provides on the application form.1Voter registrationandthe Elections process If youve ever seen me do a presentation about voter registration before, and some of you may have seen this or a similar graphic and maybe some of you havent, but youll know that Im going to say that the elections process involves around voter registration. And if you are qualified, then simply complete a voter registration form . In the database, and perhaps youve looked at data and youve seen voters who are Active or Inactive these are who we considered to be currently registered voters. Welll8 Pull out your cell phones TEXTTO223339 Poll Title: What issues can arise with voter registration? VOTER REGISTRATION FORMSignature Checkboxes*Valid Address Full Name Date of Birth REQUIREMENTSSo once a county gets beyond whether a voter registration applicant is qualified, the next step is whether the person has properly completed a voter registration application. SEIMSSTATE ELECTIONS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMBefore we delve into the what ifs , lets first discuss how the magic happens?

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