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Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.

(This technique can backfire if you end up with a reputation for not standing your ground.

It occurs when individuals (e.g., immigrants adjusting to a new country or bicultural individuals having two cultural backgrounds) navigate diverse settings (e.g., school, home, work) and shift their identities and values depending on the norms of each environment.

This allows individuals to fulfill differing expectations, obligations, and roles and to maintain relationships inside and outside their own cultural communities.

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“Reasonable accommodations” for religious issues is somewhat different under the discrimination laws.

Nonetheless, many religious beliefs and practices are capable of being accommodated and employers should fully understand their obligations.

It is certainly reasonable to use this strategy when the issue at hand is something of little importance to you.

If you are trying to pick a movie to watch, and you really don't care, it's fine to say 'Whatever you want is ok with me'.

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