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You can see the William Lyon Mackenzie Estate a 231 hectare (acre) estate of Canada's 10 Prime Minister.There are beaches, canoeing and to top This 30-minute hike is an easy trail to find and is a picturesque walk through the forest and along lakes.Our pilot even did a few maneuvers over Gatineau before turning back towards the airstrip. There are bridges, aqua taxis and ferries connecting the two cities and they complement each other beautifully.

It was one of the highlights of several trips to Ottawa.

We went with OWL Rafting and stayed over at their all-inclusive resort where we enjoyed two days of rafting.

Day one was on the large group raft where we all worked together as our guide used two giant paddles to navigate the giant rapids known as The Staircase.

The house and damn still stand and are in a beautiful setting and is one of the best Instagram spots in the Ottawa to top The Ottawa River is considered to have some of the best whitewater rafting on earth.

It attracts professional rafters and kayakers to run its class 5 rapids.

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