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You can use the Sort property to establish the order in which rows of a Recordset are traversed.

Additionally, the Filter property determines which rows are can be accessed when traversing rows.

Indexes on fields can greatly enhance the performance of the Find method and Sort and Filter properties of the Recordset object.

You can create an internal index for a Field object by setting its dynamic Optimize property.

The Seek method requires that you have an index and has other limitations as well.

If you must search on multiple fields that are not the basis of an index, or if your provider does not support indexes, you can limit your results by using the Filter property of the Recordset object.

The Sort property sets or returns a String value that indicates the field names in the Recordset on which to sort.

However, you might have to change the order of the data in a Recordset that has already been created.This dynamic property is added to the Properties collection of the Field object when you set the Cursor Location property to ad Use Client.Remember that this index is internal to ADO - you cannot gain access to it or use it for any other purpose.The Find method is supported by a variety of providers but is limited to a single search criterion.The Seek method supports searching on multiple criteria, but is not supported by many providers.

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